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Milbank Agriculture Education and FFA


This site is about the Milbank Agriculture Education and FFA site; part of the Milbank High School.

Jerry Janisch, Instructor
Milbank High School
1001 East Park Ave
Milbank, SD  57252

Phone:  605-432-5546; extension 116

Mr. Janisch Fall Schedule--2011

Period 1--815--9:04--Welding I

Period 2--9:08--9:57--Ag Exploration

Period 3--10:01--10:50--Ag Business

Period 4--10:54--11:43--Ag Production

Period 5--11:47--12:36--Ag Exploration

Period 6A--12:36--1:02--A/A

Peiod 6B--1:02--1:32--Lunch

Period 7--1:36--2:24--Ag Tech

Period 8--2:28--3:15--Prep